This way the pupils of LOT-Coaching think.


Hardly ever he was recognizing me after a meeting, it is a wonderful sensation, after the relaxation scarcely I can describe it.

I was feeling of some "empty" form completely "undone" in my interior and in this moment I can embrace everybody, also the rest of the day spent it very ready. I feel completely good.
In general I can say that to continue these unexpected changes is fascinating.
LOT-Coaching not only is you stop me, but also I can spend my new experiences to friends and even to my pupils.
From LOT-Coaching I attend with more conscience on my signs of the body and state that the deep relaxation influences me positively in my emotional balance.
For me the units of exercise of LOT-Coaching with persons not only it was a “ trip of knowledge ” but especially “ a trip of experiences ”.
In general I have to say that he{she} was feeling very much enthusiasm in this ambience and believe that I never felt so many happiness along with my partners and at the same time in my personal life.


To take the muscular tension from me I needed many years “ moment of excellence ”. From the seminar the contractions of my muscles of the nape and the pressure in my ear{hearing} have diminished as well as my small deafness. Meanwhile my left ear{hearing} listens so well as{like} the right.
For my age new that this was spending{passing}, these contractions lasted several days, in the massages used normally my nape was completely hard and this way it was continuing a few hours later.

Massages prescribed by doctors and the mud therapy were smoothing my contractions in the nape and with that my complaints (the restriction of the deafness) only temporarily. Already after the seminar it was lowering sensitively the tension in the nape.
LOT-Coaching helps me not only corporal but also against the emotional oppressions. After an exercise of relaxation I feel fresh and as{like} a newborn baby, there increases the aptitude to grow and the aptitude to copy, one is less vulnerable, the relaxation of the body is transmitted to a certain emotional sensibility.For my LOT-Coaching it lodges multiple advantages. A deep relaxation allows us to go in any moment and place. Few expenses and preparation are needed. The factor of utility is extremely positive. Little energy is invested and time and nevertheless it earns very much. One feels more relaxed and more flexible.
The senses sharpen. It is lived by more intensity. He{she} learns one to appreciate very much the small things of the life.
I him{her; you} recommend these activities to my partners of studies.


I have got accustomed agreeably{pleasant} to LOT. The relaxation happens rapidly.


Everything feels very agreeable{pleasant}. It had the sensation of being ¨lejos ¨ two hours.


My experience is that not only I relax psychically, but also there relaxed my physical alterations that it was the contraction in the nape.


Conscious things are not perceived since one concentrates on his interior and the alterations come undone.


A friend had big problems to sleep and with LOT it has relaxed, now he can sleep of a pull.


It was like a nature of spirit. It could go mentally for my body. Now I am in form.


Normally during the relaxation it was sharpened in every respect and this intensity was preserving it after the exercise approximately an hour. Now in the normal state{condition} my intense perception is supported.


Hundred one increasing interior calm and great calmness in situations to that they present themselves{appear} in my weekday Ej. In a trip in car I handle with more care that other drivers and in the box of the supermarket I have more patience.


I think that I am stronger in the profession after LOT, I am more satisfied, more motivated and after the probably healthier relaxation physically.


The relaxation LOT-Coaching has helped me to discover my depression and finally “ my interior gold-mine ”.
LOT-Coaching liberates creativity and energy, promotes vivacity, corporal well-being{comfort} and contributes{pays} to an emotional balance.

I am interested in the seminar of LOT-Coaching since a new positive adjustment had proposed, for different motives, in the life. He wanted to live more consciously and less past and to face me to the future. It is clear for me that a change is based on small successes and it is necessary to have patience and time. But in my opinion the result costs it!
If we come with ours ” natural gold-mine ” this one is used positively.
My qualities of negative personality as the nervousness, inhibitions and the absence of balance were coming undone according to the tendency of LOT-Coaching and there were promoted towards another side the positive signs as the confidence in me same, the frankness and the creativity, like that I discovered “ my interior gold-mine ”. For these positive effects I transferred to others automatically the changes and harmony.
What the depth of the relaxation contributes in fact to an emotional balance. The effects of the relaxation after LOT-Coaching have a short duration, but when he{she} had practised the exercises in a longer period the effect of relaxation me lasted long time and it was more entertaining. Ej. I feel calmer and listen more consciously to the signs of my body. With alone this I win!
The miscellany, nevertheless, atypical of the theory and the practice experienced on this seminar is very positive. If only the theoretical part of LOT-Coaching had allowed myself to explain I would have felt disappointed, since he{she} might have read a book with this knowledge, nevertheless, he had not been sure of the positive effects if it had not been facing new things.
Speaking in figurative sense: It is not possible to explain as it is known a strawberry, we ourselves must savor it.


It could known that an effective method is the depths of the relaxation to find access to the interior resources.


Psychic problems take corporal illnesses and vice versa. For LOT-Coaching one becomes stronger mentally and receives an interior elasticity.