Why does LOT-Coaching operate?

Lösungsorientierte Tiefenentspannung In the LOT by means of the personal coach´s voice he displaces you to a state similar to the situation. With thi, waves that come from his brain meet almost in the domain of dream. The function to control everything is closed to the minimum since they hinder often. In this way the effects of imaginary relaxation are changed of place into the brain without any active work. This makes vital results unique. By the voice of the CD, a relation is made with his unconscious and subconscious. This is different if he is awake since he does not obtain positive results.

In the exchange of activities his brain perceives all the suggestions as real.
To experience imaginations towards real life
In the CD the coach repeats the phrase for example “My muscles of the nape are completely relaxed”, the brain and the body change the place of instruction, and the musculature of the nape relaxes in fact. If you are nervous or in tension he suggests you to calm.
Elimination of problems established in the unconscious.
Since you have access in the situation to your unconscious or to marked blockades and fears the “CD - Coach” will stimulate you in this case with repeated suggestions to positive processes. The old models are structured, especially in the frame of LOT - Hypno-Coaching. In the regular employment of the skill, the complexes and inhibitions can be eliminated.
Signs to help the subconscious
Our coach states that you give imaginary blows to your subconscious.
People can make use of their interior resources, they will be perceived for example, that they can use more their intuition and they can interpret clearly signs of the body.
The bridge allows the subconscious to come to new visions of solution, an example: It is uncertain that this must continue only from the professional point of view, you can ask for help. Your unconscious and subconscious are stimulated by LOT-Coaching and they will enjoy the visions of solution and they are incited to the intuitions, interior images, thoughts, dreams or options of solution and ¨ new ways in the thickness are leveled¨. With help of LOT-Coaching imaginary results in the brain are combined and they never cause moments of real reasoning.