The Functioning  of LOT-Coaching is simple.

Entspannung - Liegend LOT-Coaching is easy to use, without ” instructions ” and without training of many months. So that you do not have to learn certain methods of other skills of relaxation or mental skills. It is possible to begin without having knowledge, also LOT-Coaching serves equally for young and old people.

It is simple: Ypu have a short rest and concentrate on the coach´s voice for softly speaking, pleasant and slow. This takes you to  corporal and mental relaxation. Your "coach" of compact disc displaces you to a light transition state.

According to the direction of the expected target it is possible to obtain different results:

  • Relaxation with gravity sensation (pure relaxation).
  • Relaxation with energy (strengthening).
  • Relaxation with energy and heat.

Approximately  half an hour later the Coach takes you to a new situation, you feel completely relaxed, calm and unconcerned but that is not enough since different results are achieved with regular repetition.