A new vision in the Integral Pyramid of Personal Fitness Coaching Cover

A new vision in the Integral Pyramid of Personal Fitness Coaching

structured with the programs LOTSE, LOT and BORD Coaching

Adalbert Bader

2013, 213 pages
ISBN 978-3-8325-3341-0
Price: 39.00 €

With his book, Personal Fitness Coaching, of the author Dr. Adalbert Bader, a comprehensive system that offers a series of novelty and innovative methods of coaching training is presented. This program is composed by three parts:

  • LOTSE Coaching directed in its phases in psychological schools, it offers the capacity of stimulating and using the creativity with a language of imagery, metaphors and symbols, including also the utilization of suggestions and makes easy the training in social communication.
  • LOT COACHING is a specialized training based in a deep guided relaxation to obtain solutions, it results from a status of imaginary relaxation and it allows achieving energy and well-being in the individual. Lot Hypnotic-Coaching presents special intentions including: Corporal, affective or intellectual references, working principally on the subconscious.
  • BORD Coaching is an integrative system where it is worked on the psychic formations, psychological processes and the body like soma. It constitutes a training with rhythmical movement using the Latin American music to condition a psycho-corporal permanent wellness and develops the effectiveness of vitality and corporal reserves of the individual with connection in these psychic processes.

The personal Fitness Coaching, is an integrative system of Coaching ( PFC ) forming the top of the pyramid of integral development of the individual as bio-psycho-social being, it not only allows training the man but also it aims essentially at the slogan : Of sound mind healthy body. Due to this, it makes easier the growth, rehabilitation and restoration of the psychic affected and not trained processes with interventions it is able to uncover hidden sources.

The personal Fitness Coaching offers to the Coach and to the psychologist, to students and to all the professions that get close to the human being in different age groups, (from the childhood to the third age) effective tools for enrichment and the corporal and psychic well-being.

Since the year 2006 the Dr. Bader is lecturer at different German universities, such as the Universities of Karlsruhe, Ulm and Stuttgart.

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