A new vision in the Integral Pyramid of Personal Fitness Coaching Cover

A new vision in the Integral Pyramid of Personal Fitness Coaching

The motive of the realization of this compendium focuses on an integrator system of work to enrich the human being's quality of life where he is the main character of his own life.
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Deep relaxation concentrated to give solutions.
Dear visitor:
Our most sincere welcome to our Home Page LOT-Coaching. I am glad that you have found us. This discovery can decisively change your life. Since it is a relaxation method, unique until now, you can use it in CD – ROM format, which offers you help in different problems of weekday. LOT-Coaching:
• If you have contractions and corporal complaints, for e.g. pains in the nape or lumbar pains.
• Act against stress, nervousness, and symptoms of mental and corporal weakness.
• Detect and locates spiritual structures, deep-rooted fears as well as mental blockades.
• It acts as ¨our guide, who opens our interior resources little by little.
• Helps you to perceive the signs of the body better, as well as to facilitate a better access to your intuitive capacities.
Therefore LOT-Coaching takes care globally of  mental and corporal relaxation.
In spite of all these advantages LOT-Coaching is extremely simple. In the exercises that correspond to the Compact disc of LOT-Coaching, following the voice of the coach it displaces you to a kind of situation. Under this condition, body and spirit can be influenced by suggestions. The results happen directly.
More about LOT. Find out about the Origin. Effects of LOT-Coaching. Experiences. Compact discs of relaxation. Courses in Karlsruhe University.
I would be glad if you use “ our coach ” for yourself.

Dr. Adalber BaderYour
Dr. Adalbert Bader

University Teacher LOTSE- Coaching, LOT- Coaching, personal Coach of good state of the rhythm and conditioning of body and mind.

Dr. Bader is a Teacher of Coaching in Karlsruhe University since 2005. He has work experience as individual coach who bases his research on three fundamental parts of the System.